All-military sober house for veterans slated to open

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – Bravo Zulu House is the name of the new all-military sober house. Its mission is to declare war on PTSD, an illness that has impacted 90 percent of veterans, according to the department of veterans affairs.

“Well, I think sobriety is important no matter where you live or, and I mean, in order to function in in life on a daily basis, if you have went through an addiction program of some sort and. Maintaining that sobriety afterwards can be difficult,” said Douglas Landsteiner.

Bravo Zulu house is considered to be a treatment house that serves veterans struggling with PTSD and substance abuse.

The house is exclusively for men. They plan to house 13 veterans.

“Oftentimes they now are sober, but they have untreated PTSD, so they end up being what we might refer to as stark, graving sober. And so these guys deserve better and we want to provide that solution,” said Tim Murray.

This treatment house will be privately funded. Veterans will have to pay $500-$600 dollars a month to reside there.

“Well, I think the whole community comes together, especially I mean Fairmont and Martin County in General, Fairmont is the county seat, but Martin County in general has a lot of. Great towns, in addition to Fairmont and I think everybody in in Martin County like most of the counties around us, they care, they’re patriotic and they care about their veterans,” said Landsteiner.

The Bravo Zulu House is a three phase process leading to the anticipated opening date of November 2024.


By Kyla Jackson

Published: Oct. 13, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT

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