If you believe that Trinity Sober Homes is a good fit for you on your road to recovery, please fill out the following form to apply for residency. There is a $75 non-refundable application fee due upon the acceptance of your application.

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Applicant First and Last Name
Criminal Convictions?
While accepting people of different faiths as well as non-believers, Trinity Sober Homes is a sober living residence with a spirituality specifically based on Roman Catholicism. Do you object in any way to Trinity Sober Homes being a Catholic based program?
Were you baptized Catholic?
Are you willing to meet monthly with a Spiritual Coach as part of demonstrating your willingness to grow along spiritual lines?
Trinity Sober Homes is a sober living program and under Federal and State law is not subject to Landlord & Tenant Laws. In the event your application is accepted and you become a resident here, do you acknowledge that you will not be protected by the Landlord & Tenant Laws and also promise not to assert them in any way against Trinity Sober Homes?
Upon acceptance by Trinity Sober Homes, you will be expected to enter into a written Residential/Lodging Agreement wherein you will agree to abide by certain rules and standards of conduct. Do you acknowledge this expectation?
We provide discounts for military veterans regardless of discharge status. Are you a military veteran?
Emergency Contact First and Last Name

Applications will not be processed unless the “Submit Application” is pressed.
The $75 application fee is due upon completion of the interview process and after acceptance into the house.